The Series


D-Town Sound is a six-episode documentary series highlighting the experiences of LGBTQI musicians of color as they navigate the Detroit music scene—an axis of music innovation that has brought the world Motown, Techno, and Hardcore Punk. The influence of LGBTQI people of color, from Detroit in particular, on the global music scene has been critically under-recognized and under-documented, and D-Town Sound sets out to correct the record.

Each episode focuses on a different music artist answering the question, “what compels you to create music”, and captures their introspective stories of laughter, anguish, and take on the personal, political, and creative. They work collaboratively with the production team to develop the script and implement best strategies for telling their story. This includes, but is not limited to, interviews with people in their lives, exploration of archives, and live performances. The shots are vibrant with elements of graphic design to enliven the story.

Significant music has been crafted by marginalized voices as a means to creatively express ways of harnessing inner peace concerning systemic issues. By examining the impact of oppression and how it’s intersectionality lends to creativity we unearth these stories, and bring them to the forefront giving a voice to those who have been silenced. We welcome all audiences. In particular we want to target LGBTQI people of color to show that there are others like them who have developed tools to create change.

“No artist tolerates reality”- Nietzsche